About Us


Educating our students in a bicultural context, to help raise the standard of living of the community through the acquisition of ethical values ​​and their development.


We are convinced that through personal development and expansion of our individual capacities and as a team will be empowered:

To achieve academic excellence.

To incorporate new models of teaching content and methods which comply with the development of a social culture, Science and Technology.

To involve families in our educational process.

To create opportunities for happiness for our students, providing scenarios to practice everything that guide them to develop their talents, their intelligence and their skills.

To be recognized and compensated for our skills, achievements and progress.


We believe that teamwork, is the best way to promote our knowledge and creativity in the context of communication and respect.

We believe that honesty and integrity provide us the acceptance of others and perseverance help us achieve our Vision.Untitled-6

The American College of the Pacific, S, C. considers all children and young people that make it as being formed and is constantly striving to achieve the harmonious and balanced development of their intellectual abilities, physical, emotional and psychological.

Maintains necessary provision for the adjustment of the cutting-edge educational techniques that allow you to offer the community people with a solid scientific background, technological and moral, always undertaking to create generations constantly overcome through effort and discipline to benefit Untitled-5the same company that make.

Supports the vision of openness to globalization, helping to promote it with other language and serious and profound culture of other countries with whom we are relating study through an increasingly effective communication, for the development of humanity.