Spelling Bee 2019

Written by M.E.. Araceli Pacheco Rosa Naranjo
Deputy Head of Primary,
They will ask you where does the title of this competition, because it refers to bee, this insect makes an amazing job as is the pollination of plants, and it has nothing to do with a spelling bee.
This term was coined in 1875 referring to work together performing a community, as bedspreads embroidery, sowing and reaping, and care of farm animals. It comes from the English word "been" or "bean" meaning: "Volunteer or work done together with neighbors or friends to carry to term a particular activity". (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. In England, a dialect form of this word, been or bean, referred to “voluntary help given by neighbors toward the accomplishment of a particular task.”
Today the bilingual and bicultural schools meet for two days to participate and interact with more than 20 schools statewide, dedicating this space for students to demonstrate their skill in the use of spelling both written and oral English language, in an environment of competition, plus a space dedicated to make clear that we must not lose good writing and pronunciation of words, to maintain good communication. It is worth mentioning that American Pacific College, It is one of the five founding colleges of this contest in the State of Sonora.
We acknowledge our nine primary and secondary students who lived through the experience of preparing, live and participate in this event, called "XXXI Interscholasatic Spelling Bee" achieving very good results.