Myon A digital library in your hands.


Dear parents,

We recently had a workshop with our Coach UNOi, who shared with us about this great tool “Myon A digital library in your hands”. Myon is made up of more than 5,000 titles available in digital format at your disposal at any time, reading this great offer is part of UNOi program we are premiering this school year.

Before accessing this wonderful world of literature including fiction, biographies, science, etc. each student performs a test of reading skills, in which also reflected their reading preferences and interests. It is testgenerates a level of Lexile, representing a scientific measurement ranges and places them in reading skills, In this way the program generates them texts according to their reading level, it registers its progress, and at the same time encouraged more titles according to these and their individual interests.

This allows them to continue to develop as avid readers in an interactive way, available from any electronic device with internet access. It contains an integrated dictionary, the possibility to underline or highlight text, and audio.

The recommendation is, on, todo los estudiantes de los primeros grados que accedan a la página de MyOn, with the help of their parents, let them read according to their own efforts, rate and capacity. The program will register your reading speed, progress reporting and making recommendations according to what you go detecting. If the case is that mom or dad read for him, Recommendations yielding the program will not be a reflection of what your child (a) You need to move independently. No need to worry because the testInitial readings will provide according to the level found and will not be difficult for them.

Stay tuned because soon we will start with this tool that encourages students to commitment and continuous achievement of an interesting and fun. The exciting thing is that teachers can enjoy Also the!