Welcome to Language Arts 2019


Pacific American College gives them the warmest of welcomes to LANGUAGE ARTS 2019: interscholastic academic event demonstrating the following skills in English: Word Challenge, Composition, Movie Review, Book Forum, Speech and Debate. We are honored to welcome students and teachers: Bilingual School Nueva Galicia, Liceo Thezia, School… View Article

Kai's first birthday


We were happy to celebrate with Kai her first birthday last 17 from January, as a gift who asked that our students bring personal care products for children and boys of the Institute Boarding Men Kino. Thank you for celebrating with us dear students and their wonderful gifts, Kai certainly spent a happy… View Article

Relief efforts


With great affection custodial staff and maintenance of CAP thanks all the families of our dear students their loving collaboration in making us reach our homes so generous and welcoming pantry. Thank CAP family!#CAPfamily#Happyholidays

Mining hall


Last 25 October supporting the views contained in the materials of Sonora, Science and Natural Sciences, Third grade students made a visit to the Children's Pavilion Minero. University of Sonora in coordination with the Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico, They contribute their social responsibility and promote… View Article

MunMx @Teccampusson


Third grade students of Secondary participated in a competition day 8, 9 Y 10 November 2018 at the premises of ITESM Campus Sonora Norte. Competition led MUNMX name and was based on a model of discussion used by the United Nations to discuss current issues… View Article