Myon A digital library in your hands.


Dear parents, We recently had a workshop with our Coach UNOi, who shared with us about this great tool “Myon A digital library in your hands”. Myon is made up of more than 5,000 titles available in digital format at your disposal at any time, reading this great offer is part of the program… View Article

Students Win CAP ROBOFEST 2019!


We congratulate the Primary and Secondary teams that represented us in Robofest 2019 which he was held last month in DOTS April. Fifth graders scored 3rd place in the Test Player Football; sixth grade won 1st place in the Test Line Follower and 2nd… View Article

Spelling Bee 2019


Written by M.E.. Sub Rosa Araceli Pacheco Naranjo Head of Primary, They will ask you where does the title of this competition, because it refers to bee, this insect makes an amazing job as is the pollination of plants, and it has nothing to do with a spelling bee. That term… View Article

Welcome to Language Arts 2019


Pacific American College gives them the warmest of welcomes to LANGUAGE ARTS 2019: interscholastic academic event demonstrating the following skills in English: Word Challenge, Composition, Movie Review, Book Forum, Speech and Debate. We are honored to welcome students and teachers: Bilingual School Nueva Galicia, Liceo Thezia, School… View Article

Kai's first birthday


We were happy to celebrate with Kai her first birthday last 17 from January, as a gift who asked that our students bring personal care products for children and boys of the Institute Boarding Men Kino. Thank you for celebrating with us dear students and their wonderful gifts, Kai certainly spent a happy… View Article