Our history


With full conviction that not only wanted to form his family, educate their children, but also build a society with knowledge, skills and values ​​that should have a community to function properly, He crystallized one day the dream of Ms.. María Ofelia Molina de Maldonado. Always supported by her husband, Mr. Hector Manuel Maldonado Villa, María Ofelia was building the illusion of having a school for young, back in his beloved Cananea, and he came here, Hermosillo, to make your fantasies a reality: Colegio Americano del Pacífico, S.C. an educational institution which not only lays the foundation for bicultural education, something that before his arrival was not known in these lands.





Hard work

With the support of Professor Ana Dolores Aguilar Tye Eagle, María Ofelia teacher opened the school gates for the first time 1980. Then, improvised school in the old downtown houses (Pedro Moreno street 1980-81); middle-class residences (Norwalk street 1981-82) houses and shopping area (Street Revolution and Jalisco 1982-86), until, because the number of students who wanted to enter college, it was decided to construct a building especially for this school. Since 1986, facilities are in Blvd. Morelos y Alfredo Eguiarte, to the north of the city.






After the death of Ms.. María Ofelia, in January 2011 at the age of 72 years, Maldonado is the Molina family who has been taking care of school, all work already played for some years, but always with full conviction to follow the path of his mother: "Educating our students in a bicultural context, to help raise the standard of living of the community through the acquisition of ethical values ​​and integral development ". "If she were sitting here right now, in his desk, He would feel extremely proud, satisfied; she, for real, never gains that have been achieved in what students have excelled to graduate from here imagined, and distinguished on campus when they arrive ", also said his daughter maría Ofelia, who he is now principal of this school.

After 36 years, American College Pacific has managed to roots, not only here in Hermosillo, but its name resonates internationally.

Some months ago, 19 Secondary students made their mark in London in the Olympics English BEO. "Being there in that beautiful place that I heard the name of the American College of the Pacific, thought: "When my mom could have imagined that the name of the American College of the Pacific was to deliver in London", said María Ofelia.

And the students were well beyond, as they left with the society in which they operate after school. Almost 36 generations have left this institution, and they are, young graduates who maintain the philosophy of Maria Ofelia and philosophy is the same campus: "We believe that honesty and integrity provide us with acceptance of others and that perseverance helps us to achieve our vision".