Reaching the target bicultural, demand greater effort requiring students to the national education system (monolingual), so it is essential that the child entering the American College Pacific holds the degree of corresponding maturity at every stage of their intellectual development.

In addition to meeting academic goals, we focus on aspects such as:

Positive attitudes toward work, its environment, personal achievement, their dignity, tolerance and respect for others, grooming and awareness of cause and effect.

  • Listening Skills, concentration, observation and self.
  • Habits as meeting the regulations, order in their work, care and respect books, follow instructions, personal hygiene and environment, responsibility and commitment, study, love of reading and punctuality, inter alia.

Complementary support at all levels

  • Extensive bibliography and didactic material, needed to support classroom work.
  • Annual Review of software and updating.


  • Personnel engaged in a constant process of technical training and educational.
  • With an extensive English language proficiency.

Educational Psychology Service

  • It is responsible for keeping the psychological and academic monitoring of students, supported with specific tests.

Sporting Events, Cultural and Recreational

  • We promote the appreciation and love for art in all grades through demonstration of poetry and oratory, drawing, music with piano and guitar classes, theater and CAP Cup basketball.

Learning Together

  • Orientation sessions for parents and teachers on topics of interest to students. It aims to create greater unity in families through increased interest from parents to be better and so conclude an approach that emanates confidence and support their children.

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